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13 Hikes

The Hiking Challenge for Everyone

Have you ALWAYS wanted to EXPLORE the OUTDOORS and have more ADVENTURES but needed a little push to get started?

I love the hiking challenges that are out there and am a two time finisher of the 52 Hike Challenge. I also know that committing to 52 hikes, a hike every week, is a big bite of the apple if you are just starting out. 13 Hikes is for those who need a little more help at the start of the journey.

The 13 Hikes is designed to get you off the couch and out in nature where you can enjoy the physical and mental health benefits of walking outside. The challenge is fully customizable and you can take it at your own pace and comfort level.

Why 13?

A hike a week, or 52, is an amazing goal but it can be daunting. I wanted a challenge that could both line up a series of wins for someone who is just getting started but also is flexible enough for seasoned adventurers. I wanted something for Moms and Dads who were busy with soccer games and dance recitals and only had time for 13 hikes in a year. I wanted something for the skiers and snowboarders who spent six months a year on the slopes and not the trails but still had the competitive edge. I wanted something that was flexible enough to allow as many people as possible to enjoy the outdoors. This isn’t just for elite athletes it is for everyone! Plus, with more people and a large Social Media Platform there is always someone who can help with advice to make you the most successful!

“I wanted a challenge that could both line up a series of wins for someone who is just getting started but also is flexible enough for seasoned adventurers.”

If you finish the 13 Hikes earlier than you thought, you can try it again. You can now earn badges for variations of 13 Hikes like the 13 Peaks , the 13 Lakes, 13 Leaves, 13 Blooms. In theory there will be challenges to be accomplished over and over to keep the lovers of the outdoors where they belong, outdoors. And to take someone who isn’t quite sure yet, to a place that can change their lives.


We want you to be the most successful that you can. That is why we offer a free and paid version of 13 Hikes. We have found that the best way to keep you accountable is when you put some skin in the game. The paid version also comes with full access to the Online community including creating groups and sending direct messages. You will also get a 13% discount in the store and a free E-book! We just really want to make all the resources available to make you successful.


Hiker Package – The Basic Package of the 13 Hike Challenge. This comes with basic access to the Trail Buddies Social Media Platform, a monthly newsletter, and a downloadable chart to track your hiking progress.

Trekker Package – The Trekker Package is for those of you who are good at self motivation. It comes with expanded access to the Trail Buddies Social Media Platform and the ability to send direct messages. It also comes a monthly Newsletter, a downloadable E-Book, a downloadable chart to track your progress.

Trail Boss Package -The Trail Boss Package is for those of you who might need the extra push to achieve your goals. It comes with complete access to the Trail Buddies platform, a monthly Newsletter, a downloadable E-book, A downloadable chart to track your progress, and a 13% discount for all items in the store.

Sign Up for Free – Hiker Package

The free version of the 13 hike challenge gives you a downloadable hike log, subscription to our newsletter, access to helpful information.

Premium –
Trekker Package

The Premium Trekker Package is for those of you who might not need as much motivation but want more access to Trail Buddies Social Platform

Premium Plus –
Trail Boss Package

The Premium Plus package includes everything in both the free and premium packages plus a 13 Hike Challenge.

Trail Buddies

The Trail Buddies Social Community is designed to be a community of liked minded hiking and outdoor enthusiast who can help support each other on the goal of going from the couch to the trail. Whether you sign up for the free version of the paid version you will have access. The paid version has more access. We did this to try to keep the community hiking focused with less bots. Hopefully no matter which plan you are on you will find a community ready and eager to help you start and FINISH your 13 Hikes.

Why sign up for the 13 Hikes? For me, motivation was always the hardest part. I needed something to keep me accountable and to keep me motivated. I believe this challenge is the perfect length for people who want to try to be more active and have more adventures but also need a little extra push and a little help.

Greg Sakowicz, Founder of 13 Hikes.

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