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Hello, and welcome to 13 Hikes and! My name is Greg and I am the founder of 13 Hikes and I was a guy who lived in the city, worked way too much, and had a pretty serious relationship with my couch. I was fat and happy until I wasn’t! That all changed when I found myself out of work and a bit lost. I decided to finally get outdoors in the beautiful state of Colorado. At first, I felt like I was walking step for step with the Grim Reaper but each hike took me a bit further up the mountain.

Before long I was hooked. I was outdoors every chance I could and taking on longer and steeper hills. For the first time in a long time I felt good. I did some online hiking challenges and I really enjoyed them. I am a competitive person and the structure really helped motivate me. I started to realize though that if I hadn’t already started I would have been too intimidated to start with 52 hikes a year.

I wanted to create something a little bit easier, a smaller bite of the apple for others like me that needed a little push but were worried about 52 hikes. I think once you finish the 13 Hikes and build your confidence a little bit it will be easy to transition into a 52 hike challenge. I also think that for the folks with kids, or weddings, or all the other things that take up the weekends that a 13 Hikes is a perfect way to stay motivated during the busy times.

Hopefully, you will sign up and take the first step towards feeling better and starting a new life in the outdoors. Feel free to reach out to me at Happy Hiking!