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Setting Up Your Profile

Trail Buddies Social

Thank you for signing up for the 13 Hike Challenge and the Trail Buddies Social platform! Now that you have signed up it is time to set up your profile and adding some flare!

1. Members Page

The first step is to hit the Members Tab at the top of the page. Find your newly created profile and click on the “Profile Settings” page.

2. Profile Settings Page

Your Profile Page is very customizable. On the left hand side under your name you will see a Blue Home Icon, A Yellow Person Icon, A Purple Social Icon, a Green Avatar Icon, A Pink Cover Icon, and Red Power Icon. You will also see Account Settings and Widget Settings down the left side of the page. The middle of the page is where you can enter your name that will be displayed on your profile.

The Blue Home Icon will take you back to and away from your profile page.

The Yellow Person Icon will show you what your profile looks like.

3. Purple Social Icon

On the Social Icon you can add your other social media platforms to your profile. You can add a Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, or Instagram account. The format you want to use would be this example:

The Social Media Links will then appear on your profile page so others can find those accounts and follow you there.

4. Green Avatar Icon

The Green Avatar Icon is where you will change your profile picture. This is the picture that will be in the round photo area and works well for a face picture but it can be what you want. Just click the select your file button and your photo will now be your Profile Picture.

5. Pink Cover Icon

The Pink Cover Icon allows you to upload a cover photo. This is the background picture on your profile. Again click the “Select Your File” button and upload a photo.

6. Widget Settings

The Widget Settings give you more options to customize your profile. You can add an “About Me” section, a slideshow, a quote, a link, a video and more. Click on the widget settings button on the bottom left of the page and a new menu will come up. Click on the option you want to edit and you can add even more flare to your profile!

What Next

Now that you have updated your profile make sure to check the “Trail Buddies Social” tab at the top of the page to start interacting with the community! You can post about your most recent hike, check the groups (premium members can form their own groups!) and send friend requests.